Organization Development Consulting


  • Diagnosis: this is the most critical element of the consulting process. We spend time with the client, discussing with key stakeholders in the organization, and conducting interviews, surveys, and assessments where beneficial. The primary objective is to surface key issues in order to design interventions that tackle the real underlying issues and not just the symptoms. This is a necessary step for sustainable change.
  • Designing & Implementing Interventions: the next step is to design interventions that directly address the issues surfaced in the diagnosis phase. From organization-wide, to team-level, to individual-level interventions, we design and implement anything from executive workshops, mentorship programs, to HR policies and leadership development programs.
  • Measuring Results: following the interventions, we go through a process of measuring impact and return on investment through feedback and other evaluation methods.


Interventions can be at the organizational, team, and individual levels. These include:

Organization-wide interventions:

  • Building organizational values,
  • Organizational culture surveys,
  • HR policies,
  • Cascading company strategy to align objectives,
  • Developing a mentorship program,
  • Developing an employee relations programs,
  • Designing on-the-job development programs,
  • Employee engagement,
  • Executive workshops and simulations
  • Organization-wide 360 degree feedback exercises

Team-level interventions:

  • Team building,
  • Team effectiveness,
  • Team development,
  • Cross-functional teams,
  • Conflict resolution in teams,
  • Team leadership development,
  • Vision and goal setting,
  • Communication,
  • Team simulations

Individual-level interventions:

  • Coaching,
  • Mentoring,
  • Developing organization champions,
  • Surfacing leaders,
  • Developing high potentials,
  • On-the-job development
  • 360 degree feedback follow-up



360 Degree Feedback:

  • Implementing and integrating an open and honest feedback culture within the whole organization
  • Developing valid and reliable 360-degree feedback instruments
  • Using ready-made customizable 360-degree feedback  tools
  • Using other tools to increase self-awareness and to identify opportunities for development.

Leadership & Interpersonal Effectiveness:

  • Support for leaders in role transitions
  • Support and development for emerging leaders
  • Support and development for executives who wish to take their leadership skills and impact to higher levels.
  • Design and implementation of organization-wide leadership development programs that include coaching, mentoring, on-the-job development, and feedback.

Strategic Thinking Capacity:

  • Developing strategic thinking capacity for organizational leaders, entrepreneurs, and aspiring leaders.
  • Capturing vision.
  • Translating vision into goals, action plans, and KPI’s.
  • Setting strategy aligned with organizational vision and mission.
  • Framing and implementing core values.

Culture & Values:

  • Building a values-based organizational culture.
  • Cascading core values to the lowest levels of the organization.
  • Facilitating culture change within the organization.


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