Tailored Workshops

Tailored Workshops

logoChicago Bridge & Iron – Leadership Development Workshops & Executive Coaching – Cairo, Egypt

Support in preparation for senior leadership transition. Multi-faceted approach consisting of individual and team diagnostics (personality, detailers, conflict management), specific leader development (in immersion and subsequent follow-up executive coaching tied to personal leader development plans), and leadership team development.

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NRCNorwegian Refugee Council – Team Building & Leadership Workshops – Shekka & Tyr, Lebanon

Part of the ISP and camp management  program, workshops were held for community leaders and NGO representatives from the various Palestinian refugee camps in the North and South of Lebanon. Workshops revolved around communication, conflict management, and influence without authority.

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“I benefited a lot from all the topics covered in this workshop. Dr. Shebaya’s delivery is very smooth, and she conducted the workshop very effectively. Some of the tools she offered will prove very useful in our day-to-day work, especially the urgent/important matrix to clarify priorities.”

“Our vision is now clearer and we can proceed with our work in a more systematic manner now. We also have tools to be able to deal with conflict constructively.”

“We now feel we can approach funders more confidently. We also learnt to communicate more effectively and deal with conflict more effectively.”

Excerpts from Anonymous feedback given


Shtrumpf – Management Development Workshops – Dbayeh, Lebanon

Part of the Management Development Program, workshops were held for middle managers and team leaders. Workshops revolved around communication, conflict management, and stress management.

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“Very informative session, I’m planning on applying it. In the session I began to think more clearly about things that were happening with me and finding solutions that I can apply at work.”

Myriam Abi Dargham, Team Leader, Shtrumpf, Lebanon

“The session was dynamic and reflected our day to day interactions. It helped me cope better and work more productively with my team.”

Elsa Sawaya, Junior Pastry Chef, Shtrumpf, Lebanon



Norwegian Refugee Council – Communication & Presentation Skills Workshop Series – El-Minieh, Lebanon

A series of workshops were held for the El-Minieh and Kobeyat Information, Counseling, & Legal Assistance Teams (ICLA). Highly interactive workshops revolved around communication, body language, preparation, delivery, etc…

“I learnt a lot during these workshops. I learnt how to control any situation, how to use my body language to interact with others, how to be a team player (through the exercises), how voice, tone, pitch, and body language affect my presentation, and that preparation is the key to a successful presentation.”

Dima Safar, ICLA Information Field Assistant, NRC, Minieh, North Lebanon

 “The management skills training was a healthy and useful space to speak about and express the different challenges that we are facing in our work. We needed to talk about these issues but we did not have time to talk about them during our daily work. It was a great opportunity to know and understand each others’ personalities and I think this will be valuable to improve the relationships between us and to support each other in the coming period.

During the workshops our way of thinking changed and our knowledge improved in many management skills relevant to our work, like: promoting teamwork, coaching and developing others, conflict resolution, etc. I think these topics need more time and the training could be even more useful and efficient if we had more role plays but I know that all of that was related to the limited time we had.

As a team,  we must work with and for others. To be able to mutually achieve our goals we must be able to relate to others effectively. These effective management skills will help us do that.

At the end, I would like to thank you very much for your efforts and support to improve our management skills.”

Mohammad Beqai, ICLA Information Field Officer, NRC, Akkar, North Lebanon


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