Designing a Leading Organization for Success – for Start-Ups

Designing a Leading Organization for Success – for Start-Ups

A program designed for recently formed teams who wish to design & develop a highly performant organization through the use of Organizational Design & Organizational Development. This program looks at the 3 levels of an organization: high-level organization design, teams & individuals. At each level, there are decisions that need to be made in order to have the organization performing effectively; these decisions will be made throughout the program with the direction & support of expert Organizational Development Consultants & facilitators.


Session 1:  Organization Culture as a Competitive Advantage

A strategically aligned culture is the key to organizational success. This module introduces participants to organization culture, the connective tissue that binds together the organization, including shared values & practices, behavior norms, & most importantly: the organization’s orientation towards performance.

Session 2:  Setting the Mission, Vision & Values

The very foundation & philosophy of the organization needs to be captured & documented for the team & for new members who join as time passes. This workshop is designed to align & capture the mission, vision & values of the founders so that a strategy can be developed to effectively achieve the mission.

Session 3:  Strategy & Execution

Participants will learn how to develop & sustain a culture of execution, build strategy, make group decisions, cascade & align the organization to achieve objectives. Tools used by expert consultants will be shared with the participants to be used by the team any time they need to.

Session 4:  Structure – The Right Fit

Flat structure, matrix structure, hierarchy, role-based structures? Which structure fits you? What works, what doesn’t? What has changed, & why are organizations de-layering? These questions will all be answered during the session & teams will select the right structure for their organizations. The rest of the sessions will be customized for each team on how to operate within their chosen structure.

Session 5:  Leadership & Management

This session focuses on the behavioral side of leadership & management based on the culture & structure chosen by each participating organization. The right balance between span of accountability (hands off management) vs. span of control (command & control) will be discussed.

Session 6:  Setting up Teams, R&R, Performance Management Systems

This session focuses on getting organized as an organization within the selected design of your structure. We will discuss types of teams, how they function, team design that are highly effective, & tools for building the foundations of teamwork.

Session 7:  Rewards – Embracing Human Irrationality

This session will discuss the reward structure that will be implemented in the organization. It will cover the importance & types of rewards as well as when & how to offer rewards. The participants will design their organization rewards program based on the chosen organizational culture & structure, & will design a cascading mechanism to ensure that the whole organization is fully aware of the rewards program at all times.

Session 8:  Processes & Policies

This session looks at processes & policies & how they fit within your organization design. What are the processes & policies that create obstacles & which ones facilitate performance? How to monitor worrying trends & why they happen. How to maintain an organization with minimal processes & policies by building a values-driven organization.



Session 9:  Team Leadership & Development (For team leaders & founders)

Building highly performing teams does not happen by chance. Participants will begin to understand the phases teams go through & their dysfunctions. They will be provided with tools to lead & develop highly effective teams.

Team Building Sessions (By request only & for 1 team/session)

Each team building session includes a diagnosis of the team & is designed & customized specifically to resolve issues related to the team. Team building can be provided for the founding team, the leadership team, operational teams or cross-functional teams. Team building sessions are designed to be fast & effective in resolving issues & moving teams from one phase to another to reach the performing phase.



Session 10:  Un-learning & Re-Learning Leadership

A fun filled session of exercises, videos, discussions, & role-play to discover new research & facts of today & tomorrow’s Leadership. A look at what Google & other highly performing organizations are doing & what their leadership is like. Become the leader that others will want to follow.

Session 11:  Leadership Competencies (Designed for leaders only. Can be implemented organization-wide)

The 360-degree feedback leadership development tool is carried out by 90% of top executives in the United States. Feedback will be carried out prior to the workshop & participants will receive their feedback during the session where they will learn how to interpret their results & understand them & their importance. Participants will work on a development plan based on the outcome of the survey & will have 3 follow-up sessions with an executive coach in the 3 months following the survey. After 6 months, the survey is repeated & is reviewed with the executive coach in the final session.

Executive Coaching (By request only – when specific issues are surfaced during diagnoses)

One-on-one sessions that can be held in person, over the phone or over video conferencing. A contracting phase is critical to the success of the coaching sessions where the coach & the individual agree on the approach and time frame.


The Program Includes:  Workshops, breakout sessions, assignments, tools, group & individual coaching

Venue:  TBD

Start Date:  Contact us for upcoming dates

Number of Sessions:  8 sessions over 1 month (2 sessions per week)

Session Days/Times:  TBD

Total Investment:  $2400/participant for the complete program

Facilitators:  Diana Seyouri & Mariam Shebaya



Call:  +961-76 711148