StrategiCreativity Seminars

IMG_3384It is 11 in the morning, and a speaker is taking the audience through a focused visualization exercise. They imagine a successful scenario and walk through it, step by step, experiencing the images, feelings, sounds, and sensations. Later that afternoon, an artist works in front of an attentive audience. As his hand moves back and forth on the canvas, a picture emerges. The days unfolds, with more strategic creative tools that offer a new perspective on how creativity can be applied at work every day…





Strategic creative thinking is an essential skill for success in a rapidly changing and dynamic world. But rarely is it taught.




In this seminar, we teach you how:

  • to capture and use vision for personal and organizational performance, innovation, and planning
  • to bring clarity to vague ideas or complex challenges in your own work and in teams
  • to become the one who comes up with new ideas and helps others take a fresh perspective on old ones


In this seminar, you experience:

  • the power of your imagination unleashed in strategic creative thinking
  • how you can facilitate creative thinking in others



Make it real… learn and apply

Participants learn how to dig deeper. Creativity is about making connections. We teach you the attitude shift and practical skills to tap into your creative potential and find game-changing ideas buried beneath the surface.

Throughout the day, participants learn techniques through a variety of dynamic exercises, then apply these techniques to cases made up of their own challenges and opportunities. Participants therefore take away applicable results as well as knowledge.


Look out for the 2nd StrategiCreativity Seminar series… Coming soon!


StrategiCreativity Testimonials

“Mariam & Jamie thank you for this very interesting seminar. It opens the door to a new way of looking at creativity in the workplace. It surely opened my appetite for further research on the subject and its importance for individual and collective success.”

Sleiman Menassa, General Manager, Debbane Frères

“Training to me is a character shaping and life changing activity, and not just a platform for accumulating new knowledge. I participated in the Strategic Creativity seminar presented by Mr. Jamie Treadwell and Dr. Mariam Shebaya with minimal expectations, as I thought to myself it was just one more management seminar among the tens that I already had in my long business life. Contrary to my expectations, this workshop turned out to be a transformational experience that changed many of my well-established paradigms. I always thought of creativity as a God-given talent and not as a competency that can be developed. This seminar showed me that creativity in the strategic context is a skill that can be enhanced and taught to others, via a sequential thinking process and a set of management tools. I do recommend this seminar to any manager seeking a new vision of the business environment and the management process.”

Nabil J. Semaan, Head of HR & Administration, First National Bank, Beirut, Lebanon

“When I first registered for the seminar, I wasn’t able to see how it would be directly helpful for me. I knew that I needed help in my business strategies (I run an IT consultancy which faces many problems in convincing clients that technological changes are for their benefit), and I knew that a coach would benefit me, but I didn’t think that a seminar would offer great benefits to my business other than giving me some ideas about what I should talk about with the coach. Boy, was I wrong….

One of the first things that I learned at the seminar was how I should handle the ‘challenge’ I was facing with my clients: it was obvious that I was going about it the wrong way (my way wasn’t working), but I didn’t really know how I should go about it. I learned in the seminar to visualize the ‘better’ outcome (assume that I succeeded in convincing the different employees to use the solution) and keep the image of success in mind. Based on that, I was able to walk through the different ‘steps’ to attain that goal, thinking of all the possible scenarios/questions/excuses that client representatives would use, and effectively ‘solving’ that excuse for them. I found out that I had been going about the whole thing the wrong way: I had to convince the clients of the need, but do it using their language (I had a huge list of PROs and CONs, but most of these were either relative to me, or to the decision maker: none were relative to the end-user).

2 weeks later, I can say that I have started to market myself differently (I aim to give the clients the flashy things that they want), I have started preparing for a presentation on the benefits of changing VS the issues (alligators) of no change. I expect that this (in addition to the other strategies learned and the work that I will be doing) will give me the needed push to finally get the different employees to want to use the solution.

Most of all, I would like to say that I got a huge ‘push’ from the case study exercise (‘convincing the client’ scenario) that we had at the end of the seminar. I would recommend that seminar to anyone who is in need of a fresh perspective on the daily problems (I assume that this would be almost anyone) faced at work.

Thank you Mariam and thank you Jamie for offering me the opportunity to improve my business strategy.”

John Fahd, Founder & CEO, ITegrators

“Very interesting and beneficial. I can apply it in my work environment and on a personal level.”

Rana Hamze, Landscape Designer, Exotica

Clients include:

Entrepreneurs and Freelancers (Graphic designers, Interior Designers, Copyeditors, etc…).

Executive Assistants, Middle Managers, and Senior Managers from companies such as Shtrumpf, Debbane Frères, Debbane Trading, Exotica, First National Bank, Golden Foods, Tree Group, 4C Consult, ITegrators, Le Royal Hotel, and others.