Corporate & Executive Coaching

Today’s organizations face many challenges. They are overwhelmed with the complexities of the global business environment in which they operate. They are also bombarded with new techniques and technologies, changing at an ever-greater pace.  On top of all that, they must attend to their workforce and develop it. Furthermore, the investment they put into their people may be lost to another organization in no time.

It is not just the global environment that exerts pressure. Internal organizational politics and dynamics need attending to. Team conflict, team performance, supervisory and managerial skills, leadership development, succession planning, and a multitude of other internal issues all require constant attention and development.



Corporate coaching deals with all these issues. It seeks to enhance work-related processes as well as individual and team job performance. Coaching in this capacity can cover several areas such as:

  • Career coaching,
  • Person-job-organization fit,
  • Leadership development,
  • Team coaching,
  • Performance enhancement,
  • Corporate culture and values,
  • Facilitating 360-degree feedback interventions.



For high-level executives who are either new to their positions, undergoing role transitions, or who wish to enhance any aspect of their leadership and performance.



For teams seeking to reach higher levels of cooperation, collaboration, and achievement, and achieve optimal synergy. Team coaching tackles:

  • Team building,
  • Team leadership development,
  • Team performance and effectiveness,
  • Team vision setting,
  • Team goal setting,
  • Roles and responsibilities,
  • Conflict resolution.


Wondering if your organization could benefit from integrating coaching as a developmental intervention? 

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