Mpact Coaching


Think of coaching as a jumping board or trampoline. You can jump alone, and you may actually jump high. Jumping on a jumping board or trampoline, though, takes you to higher levels, and adds a different spring to your jump. The more energy you give it, the more that energy is multiplied. This is what coaching is all about. Coaching adds a spring to your plans and actions, giving you that extra push that was lacking. Unlike the trampoline, however, coaching does not absorb any of the energy you put in. On the contrary, it adds on to it, making your jumps virtually limitless in height and breadth.

  • Coaching is about capturing vision. Without vision, you can never be sure whether you’re heading in the right direction or not, whether your ladder is leaning against the right wall or not. Vision gives you direction, purpose, and draws you towards it.
  • Coaching is also about setting goals. Once you capture and define your vision, you set interim milestones or stepping stones on the road to your vision. You set goals that are specific, measurable, and achievable, with dates to them. Coaching helps you specify your goals and move towards them, faster than you would on your own.
  • Coaching is NOT therapy, counseling, mentoring, or consulting. Coaching stems from a belief that every individual holds unlimited potential that is just waiting to be unleashed. Coaching is a facilitative, non-directive process. The coach asks questions that serve as eye-openers and encourages the client to think deeper and find their inner motivation, and guides the client through a process of creativity and discovery, helping them find their own unique solutions. The coach helps turn clients’ wishes into reality.



Sometimes we find ourselves stuck in a rut, unsure how to move forward. We get overwhelmed by everything that’s pulling on our time and resources and don’t know where to start. Coaching helps you get clarity on where you want to go, and helps you get unstuck. Coaching helps you get motivated towards achieving your own goals and fulfilling your life purpose.



  • Leaders and managers who need to deal with all the complexities of current and future work environments, lead their teams and organizations forward, and increase performance and profitability.
  • Leaders in transition, taking on new roles with new and increasing responsibilities.
  • Teams that find themselves stuck in certain patterns that are inhibiting their performance. Teams who want to reach higher levels of synergy and performance.
  • Entrepreneurs who are setting up their own business, who need help setting the vision, mission, values, and strategy that will guide their business and move it forward.
  • Individuals who want to make a change in their life. This could be in career, relationships, health, finances, or other.
  • Individuals who have realized that they are pursuing the wrong career or stuck in the wrong job that doesn’t fit their passion and potential.
  • Full-time mothers who are looking to move back into the workforce now that their kids are becoming more independent.

In fact, ANYONE can benefit from coaching, whenever they are ready to move forward and take control.



  • Increased awareness. There’s often a gap between how you see yourself and how others see you. Awareness of the impact of your actions and behavior.
  • Taking on responsibility for your actions and results.
  • Clarity around your values, purpose, and goals (personal and organizational).
  • Results! Achieving your dreams and goals.
  • Increased motivation and performance.
  • Enhanced team performance.
  • Better ways to handle conflict.
  • Smoother transitions, whether in career, job position, or other life transitions.