Mpact Services

Develop yourself.  Develop your team.  Develop your organization.  Develop your people.



Mpact’s method is based on Process Consultation, which is different from traditional consulting. How? Think of a doctor-patient relationship and a coach-player relationship. A doctor will prescribe the cure, and the patient will generally obey. A coach, however, will realize and nurture the talent that the player already shows.

In today’s consulting, the client is just as responsible for the solution as the consultant. We achieve goals jointly with you. Our clients, who generally know their situations best, take full ownership and leadership in the process. From our end, we share our knowledge and expertise and facilitate the process. The result is a better solution you can unleash effectively throughout your team or organization.



Good coaching is like a trampoline. With every new landing, you bounce higher than ever. At Mpact, our role is to act as tight trampolines for your thoughts, goals, and agendas. It’s our job to ask the right questions, help you eliminate the pointless ones, help you formulate goals, and, finally, drive you back with higher results.

We provide coaching services for individual and organizational needs. Coaching is also a facilitative intervention, driven by the client’s need and agenda. The client always sets the agenda and goals, the coach asks questions that help the client reach his/her own solutions and action points. The coach rarely gives advice.



In-house tailored training. Open training events.

It is 11 in the morning, and an artist is working in front of an attentive audience. As the brush moves back and forth, a picture emerges. Later, a speaker takes the audience through a focused visualizing exercise. They imagine a successful scenario and walk through it, step by step. These are actual exercises taken from our workshops. A core part of our work is organizing training events. We offer workshops preceded and followed up by coaching or consulting. Covering the full range of organizational and leadership skills, we adapt our training to your organization’s needs.

In-House, Tailored Workshops

Specific training packages for small businesses, organizations, and teams based on their needs and revolving around the industry and context of that organization/team.

Open Workshops

Workshops open to all, revolving around specific topics such as Strategic Creativity, Communication, Listening, Coaching Skills, and so on. These events often invite international trainers, consultants, and coaches.