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Great Leaders Must Develop Others

At a time when business conversations increasingly revolve around learning and development, it is imperative that leaders at all levels ask themselves some serious questions. But first, let me make one thing clear: for great leaders, developing others is not optional; it’s necessary.

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On Wisdom

Wisdom is an ancient concept, proven hard to define. But one thing is certain: people recognize it when they see it. How often have you thought: “I need some advice on this matter, let me talk to so-and-so, s/he’s got a lot of wisdom”… The good news is, wisdom can be developed.

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Why is Feedback Painful?

For most people, the word feedback, especially in their work context, tends to trigger all sorts of negative and troubling thoughts and emotions. This is because the way we have often received feedback and the way we give feedback has generally been less than optimal.

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